Once we quote, we respect your privacy

As an family-run, Island business, we are all too familiar with aggressive marketing techniques used by non-reputable companies. From new windows to roof work, its depressing to know that in today's world, once you make an enquiry, many companies will continue to contact you with 'ever-improving' offers.


Like you, we don't like it, so our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee is a pledge to Islanders that if you are do not wish to proceed with Regal Resin, we will not bombard you with calls and emails. We will follow up the consultation only once and respect your privacy.


We call it 'common sense marketing', which is a refreshing approach in today's world.


So with Regal Resin, a FREE ESTIMATE and NO OBLIGATION means what it says. No nuisance calls questioning your decision.


Not satisfied with the work of your exisiting contractor? We offer an 'intervention service' where we will access work of contractors and if remedial work is required, we will do our best to make sure the job is as you originally envisaged to ensure you are not out of pocket.

Contact us today to arrange your FREE consultation and receive a NO OBLIGATION estimate.

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