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You can rely on our specialists to guide you through every step of your beautiful resin-bound stone project. We take great pride in our work and in ensuring our customers are not just satisfied, but are truly delighted with everything from initial consultation to the finished project.


Driveways, patios, paths, courtyards - it's easy to transform your home


Beautiful resin-bound stone surfacing for a range of applications, including driveways, patios, courtyards, porches and balconies, is easier than you may think thanks to Regal Resin's Customer-First approach.


  • Adbruf GeoPave Trained & Certified Operatives
  • All work carried out to GeoPave specification to ensure the highest quality finish
  • An Island family firm, focused on quality and customer satisfaction



  • Resin-bound stone is an aesthetically superior and structurally sound overlay for resurfacing existing concrete, block paving or tarmac surfaces
  • The treatment can also be applied to new concrete areas - bringing that 'wow factor' to your new project
  • You can start from scratch - we can lay the concrete sub-structure for your Regal Resin driveway or path so the only limits are your imagination
  • Regal Resin offers durable, attractive modern surfacing solutions which are compliant with sustainable drainage systems (SuDS), meaning low maintenance and peace of mind


Groundworks - an added-value service


Regal Resin also offers a specialist service in groundworks. Whilst this might not apply to your drive or patio, it’s reassuring to know that when we evaluate your project, we can provide expertise in making sure your project is not at risk of looking great on day one, but subsequently requiring ongoing remedial work. You can also ask us to quote on groundworks outside of our resin-bonded stone solution.


Our groundworks service covers bulk earthworks, site enabling works, drainage, foundations, services and hard landscaping works including "black top" and “resin top” surfacing.


Regal’s groundworks specialist has over 30 years’ experience in groundwork operations on the Island, so you can be assured that you’ll receive the highest quality project standards and customer service.


As an Island family business, we have limited overheads. So, ask Teresa about our cost-effective groundworks service before you commit to a higher quote.


Digger and micro-digger hire


Regal Resin offers digger, micro-digger and dumpster hire - with or without operator. 


Whether it's a large dig out or a small half-day job, you'll find our hire rates hard to beat!

  • Delivery and collection to your site
  • Different options - micro-digger fits through garden gates so overcomes access issues
  • Need an operator or do it yourself - it's up to you, we offer both
  • Rates you'll find hard to beat!


Call us today to get a quote.


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